Where can i get gelato weed in Europe?

Buy gelato weed UK

Buy weed in the UK.

Buy gelato weed UK. Gelato Marijuana UK is a unique hybrid strain from the Bay Area, California-based Cookie Fam Genetics. Cookie Fam Genetics is known for the Gelato phenotype and is praised by many people, including Young Dolph and Hoodrich Pablo Juan. This delicious flower takes its name from its sweetness, dessert-like, and citrus-like quality similar to its hybrid parents Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC.

The Sativa strain is uniformly balanced 50/50. Although Gelato focuses more on the body and the indica. Users will initially feel euphoric and experience an explosion of energy and creativity which gradually transforms into a relaxing whole body. Novice users should be careful that the THC content is generally between 20 and 25 percent and can have enormous effects. Gelato is great for stress, minor pains and pains, and depression with its heavy relaxation effect. Buy gelato weed UK.

Gelato’s buds are wide and dense, similar to high-quality genetics in the Cookie family. The buds are characterized by dark purple colors, with bright orange hair and a cold resin coat. The deepest and exotic flavor and aroma is the most unique and distinctive feature of this strain. It has a tropical aroma with creamy, vanilla-like sweetness in its undertones.


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